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What is the classification of a Black Widow Spider?

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  • A Black Widow spider is classified in the genus Latrodectus and in the family Therididae. All together there are around six different species of Black Widows and all of them are venomous.
image-What is the classification of a Black Widow Spider?

What are the natural predators of a Black Widow Spider?

  • a pleasant meal.
  • Reptiles. Most reptiles avoid black widows because the arachnids' toxin can upset the reptiles' stomachs. ...
  • Birds. Birds commonly eat spiders. ...
  • Spiders. ...

What are distinguishing mark does a black widow spider have?

  • The most distinguishing characteristic is a red to orange-colored marking on the underside of its abdomen in the shape of an hourglass. Black widow spiders are found throughout the U.S. and prefer to live in undisturbed areas such as woodpiles, sheds, crawl spaces, basements and garages.

Is the Black Widow Spider the strongest Spider?

  • The Black Widow spider's web is the strongest of all spider's webs. Its tensile strength is comparable to that of steel wire relative to size. The female Black Widow will usually create her tangled web low to the ground in burrows or holes that have been evacuated by animals.


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