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What is the closest relative of a raccoon?

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  • Raccoons would be closely related to other members of the procyonidae family, such as olingos and ringtails. Raccoons are more closely related to otters and weasels than pandas , and it is believed that pandas and raccoons shared their last common ancestor about 40 million years ago.
image-What is the closest relative of a raccoon?

What is the name of a raccoon relative?

  • A close relative of the raccoon is the ringtail (Bassariscus astutus), or cacomistle, which lives in the western United States and down into central Mexico. Smaller than the raccoon, it has a white mask instead of black.

Do all racoons have rabies?

  • However, even if it is hard to know which raccoon suffers the rabies, you have to know that all raccoons do not suffer the rabies. The rabies is only transmitted when the rabid raccoons bite a human.


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