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What is the dictionary definition of a crocodile?

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English Language Learners Definition of crocodile : a large reptile that has a long body, thick skin, and a long, thin mouth with sharp teeth and that lives in the water in regions with hot weather : the skin of the crocodile used for making shoes and others products
image-What is the dictionary definition of a crocodile?

When does a male crocodile reach sexual maturity?

The Crocodile breeding season is during January to May. For males, the onset of sexual maturity occurs when they are about 3 metres (10 feet) in length, while for females, it occurs when they reach 2 to 2.5 metres (6.5 to 8 feet) in length.

Is the crocodile the most advanced reptile in the world?

Crocodiles are an ancient lineage and are believed to have changed little since the time of the dinosaurs. Crocodiles may look quite prehistoric, however, they are the most advanced reptile of our time.

Where are freshwater crocodiles found in the world?

Distribution and habitat. Freshwater crocodiles are found in the states of Western Australia, Queensland, and the Northern Territory.


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