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What kind of dog is a goldendoodle mix?

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  • The predecessor, the Goldendoodle, is a hybrid mix of the Golden Retriever and the Poodle which was bred to reduce the size of the Golden Retriever but still keep the characteristics of both breeds.
image-What kind of dog is a goldendoodle mix?

Can you mix a cocker spaniel with a golden retriever?

  • And then you mix it once again with Cocker Spaniel to get an even smaller dog. According to breeders, the end result should have 50% – 75% Golden Retriever genes, just in a smaller package. Sadly, there’s a second way to “create” a mini Golden Retriever that might make you want to think twice about buying one.

Is the Golden Cocker Doodle a good hunting dog?

  • Because they are three hunting dogs mixed, Golden cockerdoodles make great small bird dogs Golden cocker doodles are simply gorgeous! Their lustrous coat in all shades of gold, is a sight to behold... (see above) They are natural athletes - they are desirable small bird hunting dogs and great hunting companions

What's the difference between a golden retriever and a cockerdoodle?

  • Like the Golden Retriever, they hardly ever bark. While GoldenCockerDoodles love to play, they are best equipped for hanging out indoors, with a very cuddly demeanor. Fortunately, their compact size makes it a whole lot easier for owners to accommodate this need.


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