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What kind of dog is an Appenzeller?

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The Appenzeller (aka as Appenzeller Sennehund, Appenzell Cattle Dog) is one of the four ancient Swiss mountain dog breeds. The breed was traditionally used for herding and as a livestock guardian and is famous for its legendary endurance and agility.
image-What kind of dog is an Appenzeller?

Where do they make Appenzeller cheese in Switzerland?

The cheese originates in the north-eastern Swiss canton of the Appenzell near the Liechtenstein border but, today is also made in the canton of St Gallen (which is a siege of a special authority protecting a Genuity of Appenzell). - "Classic". Aged 3-4 months (Silver label) - "Surchoix". Aged 4-6 months (Gold label)

What's the best thing to do with an Appenzeller?

He likes children, but is likely to bowl over little ones. Appenzellers make vigilant watchdogs and will sound off in a loud, deep voice to announce visitors - or simply to let you know that your neighbor has stepped outdoors. Though polite with guests, the Appenzeller is the wariest of the Swiss mountain dog breeds.

What kind of milk is used to make Appenzeller?

The lovely Appenzell rolling hills, with their lush herbal meadows, provide the perfect foundation for the natural, full-flavoured, unpasteurised milk that is used to make Appenzeller® cheese. The Silver Label cheese is identified by its silver label.


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