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What should I do if a brown anole Bites Me?

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Clean the bite area with the good disinfectant soap and contact physician as soon as possible. There are a few things that you should know before keeping Brown Anole as a pet. You require the spacious enclosure to keep the lizard. The temperature should be maintained well around 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
image-What should I do if a brown anole Bites Me?

When did brown anoles first appear in North Carolina?

When browns first appeared in the United States in the early 1900s, the Carolinas ceded their ground-level territories and were relegated to a very different ecosystem high in the treetops. On occasion, a more aggressive Carolina anole may be seen closer to the ground and in competition with the brown anoles.

How does Anolis carolinensis differ from other anoles?

Initially, juvenile male and females do not show any sexual differences or display behaviors; however, during later stages of development, testosterone levels become higher in males and are likely to exhibit more aggressive behaviors. Unlike other Anolis species, such as Anolis aeneus, green anoles do not leave their hatch sites after breeding.

What should I do with my Carolina anole?

Most pet anoles are Carolina anoles. Because this species enjoys climbing, their enclosure should be taller and provide plenty of branches and vegetation for hiding. You can feed your pet small insects, and you should provide temperature and humidity regulation at the direction of your veterinarian or breeder.


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