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What types of snakes are non - poisonous?

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Common non-venomous snakes. Common non-venomous snakes you’ll see are the southern black racer, corn snake (aka red rat), yellow or eastern rat snake and the gray rat snake. Much less common non-venomous snakes are the Florida kingsnake and the federally threatened large eastern indigo.
image-What types of snakes are non - poisonous?

What are the names of all of the snakes?

Some of the snakes found in this family are the Queen snake, the Common Keelback, King Snake, Corn Snake, Bull Snake, Rat Snake, Garter SNake, Smooth Snake, Water Snake Mussurana and Milk Snake. Other snakes are the boomslangs, mangrove snakes, vine snakes and tree snakes.

What are all the species of snakes?

As indicated above, snakes are divided into two main infraorders; Alethinophidia and Scolecophidia. Alethinophidia is further divided into 19 families Colubridae (the largest with 1,866 species), Elapidae (359 species), Viperidae (341 species), Lamprophiidae (314 species), Boidae (60 species), and Uropeltidae (55 species).

What are snakes known for?

Snakes are known for being sly, slippery creatures. See if you can find where they’re hiding in these photos.


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