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What's the best way to care for an Abronia?

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You can layer the ground with few inches of cocoa fiber. Top it off with the deep sphagnum moss. This ensures a high level of humidity within the cage. Foliages are a great spot for abronias to hide in. You will find that they love curling inside balls of moss and plants to sleep during night time.
image-What's the best way to care for an Abronia?

Do you need to take care of an Abronia graminea lizard?

Despite the fact that Abronia graminea requires quite a bit of specific care and a very regulated environment, we think that you’ll find the effort well worth it. Give this lizard a well-designed habitat, the right heat and lighting and a balanced diet, and you’ll have a pet to enjoy for many years.

Where can I find an Abronia arboreal alligator lizard?

They are not commonly found in the pet market. Most of them are usually caught in the wild. A rare gem indeed! Abronia arboreal alligator lizards are mostly found in the central American regions of Guatemala and Mexico.

What kind of climate does an Abronia live in?

Abronia reptiles do not fair well in extremely hot conditions. The higher altitudes from where they formerly come from hardly go beyond 90°. They have the capability to withstand colder temperatures. For a short time frame, they can bear temperatures as low as 40°.


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