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What's the difference between ibis and Ami models?

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AMI stands for Algorithmic Modeling Interface and as the name indicates, it is designed to handle modeling of the algorithmic functions of an I/O, namely the DSP. IBIS-AMI models provide the end user with the model portability that they need while ensuring the vendors that their IP is protected.
image-What's the difference between ibis and Ami models?

Can you run IBIS AMI in EDA simulator?

Fig 1 gives a typical example of an IBIS-AMI model simulation in an EDA platform. IBIS-AMI models are simulator independent, so any IBIS-AMI model may be run on any EDA simulator that supports IBIS-AMI. Below, Sigrity Channel Designer is chosen to illustrate the simulation process and outcomes.

Do you need driver to run IBIS AMI?

To load or run the AMI models, one needs to have a “driver”. Commercial tools like HSpice has a license required utility called “AMICheck” to test drive the given AMI models with rise/fall/single bit response. We SPISim also provide a free utility called SPISimAMI.exe which does pretty much the same.

Who are the members of the IBIS Open Forum?

Your browser does not support HTML IFRAMEs. See the IBIS members at poster/poster.htm. The IBIS Open Forum is the industry organization responsible for the management of the IBIS specifications and standardsincluding IBIS, IBIS-AMI, IBIS-ISS, ICM, and Touchstone. The Open Forum meets every three weeks by teleconference.


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