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What's the life expectancy of a Borador dog?

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Life Expectancy A healthy Borador is expected to live between 14 to 15 years.
image-What's the life expectancy of a Borador dog?

Are there any health issues with a Borador?

In addition to breed-specific health issues, the Borador can be prone to issues such as obesity. This problem is a direct result of a poor lifestyle and can be easily prevented with a bit of care and attention from the owner. In order to keep the Borador’s weight under control, be sure not to overfeed him/her...

What kind of fur does a Borador have?

Shedding: The Borador has very little dander but sheds fine hairs, that look like longer versions of an eyelash constantly, as opposed to tufts of fur. Some do shed quite a bit. Grooming: The Borador requires occasional grooming. The coat does not mat and is free from a strong 'dog aroma'.

What do you need to know about training a Borador?

Training: The Borador takes to training well with a low number of repetitions required to learn new skills and commands denoting their high intelligence and eagerness to please. They can get a little excited over the treats and can be hard to focus. However, once they are focused they pick up new tricks very easily.


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