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When do mayflies die?

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Mayflies spend a year awaiting their birth, and then most die after living just one day. Their sole purpose is to pass on their genes, and most never even bother eating...and that's been the status quo for 100 million years.
image-When do mayflies die?

What are mayflies good for?

Mayflies are routinely used for monitoring water quality because their presence and diversity can be valuable indicators of the health of their aquatic environment. Mayflies are a vital link in the food web of freshwater ecosystems, making energy stored in algae and other aquatic plants available...

Why is a mayfly called a mayfly?

Mayflies are aquatic insects rather than flies. They are also called dayflies because they live a very short life—typically less than two days. The presence of mayflies indicates a healthy aquatic environment because mayflies develop in water and are a primary source of food for birds, reptiles, dragonfly nymphs, and fish.

Where do mayflies come from?

As mayflies are primarily an aquatic species, they spend most of their lives developing in the water. They are common around freshwater sources such as streams, lakes or ponds.


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