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Who are the Thai ridgeback puppies for sale?

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About Leny and Reyes : Leny and Reyes are a Beautiful litter of Thai Ridgeback puppies, ready now, hoping to find their forever homes. Friendly confident and well socialized used to all household noises, They are up to date with their worming, flea treated and are micro chipped. contact me.
image-Who are the Thai ridgeback puppies for sale?

What kind of care does a Thai Ridgeback Dog need?

The Thai Ridgeback is not recommended for the novice dog owner. The Thai Ridgeback requires weekly grooming and care. The coat needs to be brushed and combed on a regular basis to remove dead hair. Bathing should only be done when necessary. Special attention should be given to the eyes, ears, and teeth.

What was the purpose of the Thai Ridgeback Dog?

The Thai Ridgeback was an all-purpose dog, kept to guard property and serve as an alarm dog, escort or pull carts, hunt small and large game, and keep cobras at bay. He lived mainly in eastern Thailand, as well as on the island of Dao Phu Quoc, near the border of Cambodia and Vietnam.

What kind of dog has a back ridge?

Country of Origin The origins of the Thai Ridgeback (also known as the TRD or Mah Thai Lang Ahn) are largely unknown, but it is widely believed that the breed is related to the Rhodesian Ridgeback and Phu Quoc Dog, the only other breeds with a distinctive back ‘ridge’, formed from hairs running in the opposition direction to the rest of the coat.


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