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Why does a giraffe sweat in some circumstances?

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  • Giraffes therefore can and in some circumstances will sweat. When combined with the anatomy of the blood vessels supplying patches these data further support the idea that patches are thermal windows. We conclude that giraffe have evolved an array of thermoregulatory mechanisms, mostly to achieve heat loss,...
image-Why does a giraffe sweat in some circumstances?

How does a giraffe stay cool in the Sun?

  • If a giraffe faces the sun, as they have been observed to do during the day, the long, thin neck keeps a lot of the animal's skin in shadow compared to shorter, stouter animals, leaving only a relatively small torso to be pounded by the rays of the sun.

How does the respiratory system affect a giraffe?

  • Giraffe nasal anatomy and their unique respiratory system can combine to cause high respiratory evaporative heat loss and, theoretically, cooling of jugular venous blood. Evaporation of sweat is another heat loss mechanism but has not before been reported to occur in giraffes.

Why does a giraffe have a long neck?

  • Reaching high-up food may not have been the only or even main reason giraffes evolved to have long necks, as new research suggests that these extended body parts help the animals keep cool in the hot African savannah.


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