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Why is the Sumatran rabbit endangered?

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There are none of these Sumatran Rabbit's in captivity at all, the last one to be studied was in the 1930's and as such very little is known about them, they are however classed as critically endangered because their habitat is being destroyed by the expanse of locals . The Sumatran Rabbit has never been studied in the wild and as such very little is known about these stealthy mammals.
image-Why is the Sumatran rabbit endangered?

What do Sumatran tiger's eat in the wild?

The prey which Sumatran Tigers hunt include: Great Argus Pheasant Pigtail Macaque Porcupine Malay Tapir Wild Pig Greater and Lesser Mouse-deer Muntjac Sambar deer

Why are Sumatran elephant endangered?

Today, the Sumatran elephant is considered to be an animal that is in immediate danger of becoming extinct due to the fact that Sumatran elephant populations have been declining at a critical rate. Sumatran elephants are thought to be suffering primarily due to habitat loss in the form of deforestation...

How many Sumatran tigers are in captivity?

There are 300-400 Sumatran tigers in the wild with about 200-250 in captivity in zoos around the world. Sumatran tigers are the smallest of all tiger species. Their stripes are narrower and closer...


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