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Will betta fish kill other fish?

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  • They are frequently called Siamese fighting fish because they are aggressive to each other, even fish of the opposite sex. Betta fish are very territorial and will fight and kill each other. In the wild they would not fight to the death, one of the fish would swim away, leaving the area to the victor,...
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Are Betta fish considered tropical fish?

  • A Betta fish is a tropical fish. So, as you might imagine, they do not tolerate cool temperatures. Most Betta fish can survive a cold temperature for a short time, they cannot do this long term.

What do betta fish like?

  • Betta fish like warm water and will do best at around 79 degrees. Science accounts for a total of 73 species of the betta in the world, with several according to the IUCN Red List being endangered. Overfeeding your betta may lead to the fish not being able to swim to deeper depths of the tank as it becomes obese and bloated.

What species is a betta fish?

  • Genus of fish. Betta, /ˈbɛtə/ is a large genus of small, often colorful, freshwater ray-finned fishes, known as "bettas", in the gourami family (Osphronemidae). The best known Betta species is B. splendens, commonly known as the Siamese fighting fish .


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