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Would a red panda be a good pet?

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It, indeed, is a so-called "ideal choice" to pet a red panda; however, on the other hand, they have never been adopted as pets. Thus, having a red panda pet does not serve to be a good idea. The red pandas are an endangered species and a wild arboreal animal, and this is reason enough not to adopt them as pets.
image-Would a red panda be a good pet?

Is a red panda an ordinary animal?

Red Pandas look nothing like an ordinary panda, this Panda has similar characteristics to a raccoon. It has a covering of red fur like the raccoon. The Red Panda is very small, the body size can range from twenty to twenty-five inches. Also they can weigh up to 8-12 pounds.

Can a red panda be dangerous?

Real-life red pandas (nicknamed "firefoxes") are wild animals and should never be kept as pets. They have sharp teeth and claws that can be dangerous, and scent glands that emit a musky liquid. They also require specialized diets and healthcare.

Do pandas make good pets?

No, pandas would not make good pets. Although Pandas in captivity do become accustomed to being fussed over, their personalities are very solitary except when breeding. If they choose to exhibit annoyance they may swipe with one paw - trimmed up with big claws and backed by their full weight and strength.


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